Governing Boards Workshop

A Governing Boards Workshop for all Hopi/ Tewa villages will be hosted by KIVA Institute at the Upper Moenkopi Community Center on August 13 and 14.

This workshop will consist of lessons about our powers as Hopi- Tewa villages, what sovereignty means and where it comes from, learn what Village Sovereignty means to Hopi- Tewa Villages, what traditional governance means to villages, learn about our Hopi- Tewa Cultural Values; what it means to us, why Hopi has a tribal constitution, learn what the Hopi Constitution means for Hopi-Tewa Villages, a lesson on the powers of the Tribal Council and where powers come from, and about the Village- Tribal Council relations.

Workshop discussions will be about how we might improve our village operations, understand the power of the villages as Independent Autonomous Villages, talk about how we can co-exist between our traditional and our secular ways, talk about our challenges, issues; how to address them, talk about our future; how to get there, and basically who we are, what powers we have, and how we use our powers.

Opinion: I strongly recommend all governing boards attend and learn to be an effective and efficient governing body for your respective village. There are so many issues at the Tribal Council that have negative impacts on villages that this workshop is a tool for the better. As a matter of fact, it would be advantageous for Tribal Representatives to learn along with their respective boards. Hopi/ Tewa people please encourage your board members to attend as this workshop is about you and for you to have better-governing systems at both village and tribal levels.

Thank you.

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