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On local issues, the village council needs to prioritize important needs of UVM.

  1. UVM must immediately fill the Office of the Governor and 2 councilperson seats. There is some debate on this. The question is whether to have a special election or to fill the seats by appointment. IMO our village constitution has provisions to fill seats by appointing by the village council. UVM has completed a delayed election recently and the results have vacancies for the mentioned positions. I strongly argue that without delay the village council should aggressively act by appointing the qualified applicants. Administration should be conveying information on the process of how the task is to be completed.1. Notices calling for letters of interest for vacancies. 2. Notices of listing of all candidates and time frame for challenges. 3. To conclude with village council members to meet and appoint. My stand is village council doesn't have an attorney and that's what other members want to refer this to but an attorney can on!y give us his opinion on this and the village council has to make a final decision. Our village constitution should be good enough to affirm our actions. I am determined to get this done asap, otherwise it only goes to show we lack the courage, are not able to do due diligence for our village, and forgetting our Code of Conduct.

  2. I don't know how long the council has been without an attorney. The current issues the village council is facing are many. This matter should have been taken care of immediately after the position became vacant. RFP's need to be posted asap. You can understand why an attorney is important to the village as the following concerns will show.

  3. This is a serious problem regarding law enforcement in our village. Current incidents like a stabbing, lock down of our village, a deceased person discovered at the old day school compound and unverified information adding to the confusion are contributing factors that threaten our village security and safety . As recently as today I have received information about a village member who experienced a home invasion, battery and assualt and robbed. HLES was notified to no avail. I have revised the Moencopi Villages Emergency Response plan. This plan was developed for Upper and Lower Moencopi by by Roger Tungovia, Incident Commander of HERT, before he resigned. The new revised Upper Moenkopi Emergency Response plan is to develop a system for the security and protection specifically for Upper Moenkopi. Many anticipated concerns will be forthcoming such as the revised version leaves out HERT and Lower Village. Hopi Tribal Council has created the CARES Act committee and changed course,on the HERT plan to eliminate the Moencopi Emergency plan to coordinate with HERT. Without the HERT plan in place, Lower Moencopi had to be removed from the plan to protect Upper Village from liabilities that Upper Village may encounter with Lower. Upper hasn't any MOUs or MOAs to provide services regarding emergencies. This could affect our food and PPE distribution for Lower. To complicate matters I don't know if Lower has a governing board that's been officially announced.

  4. Other numerous matters of concern are obtaining water for economic development, MDC assessment, water issue of water lines in the plaza area, COVID matters, controlling misinformation and the list goes on and on. The next publication should have updates and old/new concerns. It's our village,let's talk. Others that are not affiliated with UVM are encouraged to comment or suggest ideas that may be of mutual concern for the benefit of all. Now on to HTC info and concerns.


Many of the issues pending are

  1. Transfer of law enforcement housing to Moencopi Day School. The Action Item is in the process of being corrected and amended to bring to HTC for action. This concerns me greatly as similar actions could apply to other villages. The author of this AI, a K-town rep, completely circumvented the UVM council where this was originally initiated and went directly to Moencopi Day School. UVM's plan to address the law enforcement issue is not addressed with a alternate plan, pushing the UVM law enforcement issue back to square one. Actions like this are not satisfactory for villages in similar situations. The point basically is HTC doing as it pleases forgetting protocol.

  2. Upcoming is an AI to approve funding for the Village of Tewa to an interim board. I am shocked by this. I know that the sitting governing board of Tewa was forcefully removed by an interim board. I remember the time during the Shingoitewa Administration when the Preservation Board of Mishongnovi forcefully removed the elected Mishongnovi Board of Directors resulting in unaccountable H-13 funds of approximately 2 million dollars. Does this mean that HTC is headed in the same direction as the Mishongnovi incident regarding Tewa COVID funds? Does HTC now approve of the forced take over of governing boards? HTC is complicit, if these actions are not challenged. Who is next, the Village of Sichomovi, Hotevilla-as I understand has no official board, Oraivi-who are asking for missing funds, Lower Moencopi board who are not officially announced, or others I failed to mention?

  3. Other critical issues need to be brought forth. Your comments, suggestions and thoughts are important to understanding the direction HTC must take to lead all Hopi/ Tewa people on a positive path.

  4. In closing, let's work together for the better. Qwah-qwai.

* Zoom is a possible alternative. Stay tuned.

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